Industrial Steel Structure Model | Tekla 2017

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Industrial Steel Structure Model | Tekla 2017

This is a heavy steel structure of an E.O.T. Crane building done in Tekla Structures. Due to high strength grade of steel, this type of steel structure is very reliable according to your requirements, this heavy-duty steel structure can be fabricated with a specific size and shape to suit your project’s specifications. With regard to steel column installation, due to large weight and great length of columns, it is impossible to carry out one-time production and transportation. Therefore, you will need to adopt subsection manufacturing process, and then be assembled at construction site. Steel member transportation and site installation of this structures has taken into account, by making sure all steel members are in transportable lengths, easily assembled on site.

This model has been designed to accommodate the bridge or EOT crane with specifications described below:

EOT Crane girder span:23.4m

EOT Crane girder lifting capacity:5Ton to 30Ton

EOT Crane lifting height: 18.65m

Building floor plan dimensions: 24m x 144.3m long

It is accessible on Tekla structures 2017 or newer versions.